Sharp MX-2300N Error Code H5-01 -Euroland IT Services

Customer logged call on Sharp MX-2300N Photocopier with Euroland IT services recently, stating display showing error code H5-01, H5-01 error corresponds to 5 consecutive jams, Euroland IT services engineer attended the site and firstly checked physically all the paper paths to see if there is any obvious jams, no obvious jams found, removed and checked fuser no jams or paper found, checked ITB unit (transfer belt), found small piece of paper stuck on edge of the gear, removed transfer belt and removed small piece of paper and re-installed the ITB unit, error code was still present, so to clear the H5-01 error, engineer put the photocopier in copy mode and pressed on keypad p*c*14, then he clicked execute and pressed yes, and he then pressed the copy tab, this has reset the menu and jam condition and machine started working again.

So if you come across this error, try to do the above and if you get stuck call Euroland IT services on 0800 088 6401 for assistance.