Service Contracts & Covid-19

Service Contracts and Covid19

When you see around the only thing you can see now is gloomy faces & uncertainty, In these 2 years we all have learned, we should not take things for granted, Small things when we were little teachers and parents use to tell us to wash hands when you sneeze keep cover with hands or tissue, exercise and eat healthy food if you look at it, all these things are coming back in our life, they teach us, if basic is strong, you would able to fight & survive, Same in the business if your basic concept is clear. you can climb mountains even in difficult times.

Office Equipment works in the same manner, if its Server, PC, Laptop, Printer, Copier, Document Scanner, Plotter, Networking, Storage, Epos etc, if you don’t look after it, will give problems and eventually will not able to run efficiently and die down.

In the same way, if you keep on using your machine without maintaining it, eventually will die down and in most cases, I have found this happens when you needed the machine most.

IT is a lifeline for every individual, Even a newborn baby, you may find that after few months, they will know which button to press on iPhone. So our life one way or another surrounded by IT directly or indirectly and we have to ensure this works all the time and this is why everyone needs Service Contracts.

Euroland IT Services believe in basics. As our roots are strong, whatever we do we always put our mind and our soul fully, to get a perfect result, whether it is a Printer & Copier Service Contracts or total fully Managed IT Services.

Being known in the industry for our expertise where engineer coverage is impossible and parts hard to find for the multivendor vendor portfolio of 50+ established manufacturers. Service organisations, IT-resellers, Distributors, Channel Partners utilise Euroland IT Services on ad-hoc and on service contract basis for their break and fix repair, service, installation, relocation, and disposal services on Server, PC, Laptop, Printer, Copier, Document Scanner, Plotter, Networking, Storage and Epos devices.

Euroland IT Services, Service Contracts starts from as little as £35+Vat per month on most makes and models of office equipment’s up to 10 years old.

Avoid downtime of your office equipment and unnecessary IT expense. Sign Printer & Copier Service Contracts, Managed Print Services, IT-Support Contracts, Network Support, Server Support, Laptop Service Contract, PC Service Contract, Imac & Apple Service Contract and Managed IT Services Contract under one roof on all makes and models of IT Hardware & software today with Euroland IT Services.

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