Ricoh MPC2500 Showing Error Add Black & Yellow Toner When Is Already Been Replaced

Last week we had a customer onsite call logged on Ricoh MPC2500 Photocopier in London reporting the machine would keep on asking to add new black & yellow toner, even though user already replaced both the toner twice with original. Euroland IT Services engineer attended the site, and checked if black toner is full; cleaned the contact and sensors; re-installed and run the test and found black toner is now detecting. Thereafter engineer carried out the same functionality with yellow toner, but yellow toner was still not detecting. On further investigation on the error, engineer checked yellow pump assembly and found it was faulty. After replacing the yellow pump assembly the yellow toner started detecting and error was rectified.

I hope this information will help user to rectify the fault on the above photocopier. If any further assistance required on the fault, repair, service, maintenance contracts or required to put Ricoh MPC2500 Photocopier on managed print services contract or any other models of Ricoh photocopier, printer or plotter, contact Euroland IT Services on 0800 088 6401.

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