Advantages Of Using Managed Print Service in Any Business

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Printing techniques are dated back to 3000 B.C or earlier, wooden blocks were used to print in cloths. Later modern printing invented by Johannes Guttenberg began in the fifteenth century. Comparing the earlier printing method to today’s method, gives the speed of production and turnaround times are vital for any printing business to gain an advantage.

Printing is the primary function and every business around people involves dealing with paper media. Despite entering a digital age, the usage of paper for documentation, media, and other use cases hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down and has enjoyed more usage over time.

Some people still might believe that printing services are irrelevant in today’s time, which is not true. It is used for advertisement signs, bound books, marketing campaigns etc.

Different kinds of printing services come to aid the people dealing with a high number of paper media. While small-scale businesses can still make use of traditional print services to serve their purpose, the same couldn’t be said for big-scale businesses. This is where the Managed print services come in.

These services are offered by print providers and usually aim at managing various faxes, document scanners, printers and copiers. Once subscribed, this service can be truly value for money for customers.

Here are some of the key advantages of subscribing to Managed print services:

1. Efficient operations:

When a printer breaks down, chances are that an internal person from the IT department might try to fix it all by themselves. A person who is not acquainted with printers is likely to consume a lot of time by approaching methods like reading manuals for servicing or searching for problem resolution videos over the internet before moving on to perform maintenance. This is something that can draw a lot of professionals away from the task that they have been originally assigned.

Moreover, this could also affect the efficiency of the entire office directly or indirectly. The presence of Managed Print services ensures that others are not disturbed by a technical breakdown and get the right kind of assistance fast at the action of a phone call.

2. Better flexibility:

Businesses are highly dynamic today than they were before. A business may not have the same printing assets and requirements as it had 5 years ago. Subscribing to a Managed Print Service ensures that a print provider helps a brand easily adapt to their needs in terms of machines, volumes, and jobs for a specific location.

All of this is offered in a highly flexible fashion; allowing companies to save their operating costs, despite their varying needs.

3. Good organizational productivity:

Different departments within a company have different printing needs. The presence of Managed Print Service ensures that all past, present, and future needs are well assessed by the print providers. Once the assessment is done, the service providers can offer a suitable plan for the company. This assessment is devised from existing data, future predictions as well as considering scenarios like printing remotely using mobile devices. It also considers unique aspects like file formats, document type, and paper sizes that are largely used by the organization.

4. Trimming environmental footprint:

The world is affected by phenomena like global warming due to excessive deforestation. Meaningful usage of resources like energy (petrol, diesel) as well as forest byproducts like paper and wood. A monitoring system that is bundled along with the Managed print service allows company professionals to monitor and inspect various print use cases along with their frequency.

All in all, it paves way for an environment-friendly outcome and showcases a company’s commitment towards reducing its environmental footprint. Results of such efforts can be showcased in reports like yearly corporate social responsibilities statistics to encourage an environment-friendly approach brought by this service.

5. Improvise cash flow and cut down capital expenditures:

When it comes to purchasing or renting technologies for a business, it can be pretty challenging for a company to own all of the required assets at the same time. This is where the Managed Print Services can become helpful. It enables businesses to go for lean and flexible payment options. Apart from that, it also allows business owners to get the required hardware like printers on a cost per copy with a leased financing option. Such an option allows companies to pay once and for all the services and hardware they lease under Managed print services every 3 to 5 years.

Managed print services also allow its subscribers to inspect usage of it through mediums like forecasting tools concerning devices interconnected to each other over a network as well as monitor real-time activity through usage dashboard.

6. Stronger Information security:

A lot of businesses deal with critical problem statements daily. Such projects require companies to ensure an end to end confidentiality when it comes to data privacy. While electronic encryption does the work of securing digital data, print media on the other hand is governed by secure printing technology.

Managed print services help mitigate all kinds of risks about intellectual property theft as well as information breaches. Security embedded in Managed print services enables professionals to easily track IP security breaches as well as allow them to print the faces behind the implications. Moreover, these services also implement secure print log-in; assuring that document theft is avoided at all times.

This is how Managed Print services can help organizations effectively manage their print media solutions.