Benefits of Buying Printer Maintenance Contracts

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An average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of copy paper per year. So, when your printer and copier machine gets broken down, it is not only going to affect your work but it slows down the whole work process of the organisation too.

Your in-house employee may not be an expert in managing printer and copier or do repairs, trying to repair, something which you may not be familiar with, sometimes costing more than actual cost of the third-party repair company and in most cases due to tight budget, organisation may spend more on repairs than the printer maintenance contracts.

Printer maintenance contracts is like an insurance cover that covers the copier or printer you are planning to lease, or you can even purchase for your existing machine year by year to cover all the cost of the repair when your machine breaks down.

One of the advantages of choosing a printer maintenance contract is that you are putting most of the responsibility and cost of repairing the machine on your service provider.

Most of the printer maintenance agreement covers all parts, labour, toners, and preventive maintenance, but on some occasions, you may find, on break down of the machine, parts or supplies of the printer and copier cost more than actual cost of the contract per annum, in that event organisation need to review the best possible option either to replace machine or to replace parts with additional access fee.

One way or another every business need printing option using a printer or copier machine on day-to-day basis.

Here are some benefits of having printer maintenance contracts in place for any business: –

  1. It Increases the life span of your office equipments.
  2. Printing equipment is a necessity to any business, Owners always feel pressurised on these investments as it costs more to maintain, and it depreciates in value quickly. As new technology model emerges sooner than we think in this time and age, same way old printing equipment gets discontinue and obsolete, so printer maintenance contracts are the way forward.

  3. Allows organisation to concentrate on core business.
  4. Employees are limited to a particular type of job or skill sets when it comes to printer and copier repairs and service. So to bring out the desirable outcome from them when they focus on their core task. It is best to optimize the time of employees doing their own work rather than fixing a printer or copier.

  5. Improves workability and reliability of your printers.
  6. Office machine that are not on contracts are normally found in very bad condition as they are not maintained. As printer are used more frequently, so it is normal that they will develop an issue or break down sooner than expected. Regular inspection and servicing in a long run, not only ensures the printer runs and work smoothly and increases the efficiency and life expectancy of the printer but also costs less.

  7. Complete printer equipment service log.
  8. Detailed service logs with specific details of the ongoing onsite printer maintenance are provided in the printer maintenance contracts. By simply calling the ServiceDesk, giving them the contract number and serial number, the printer technicians at the instant notice and based on service done in the past by technician can help you over the phone resolving the issue. In some cases, your printing machine get up and running remotely in matter of minutes by pressing number of keys by user or technicians and it also save unnecessary visits to site.

  9. Setting up a regular maintenance.
  10. A regular maintenance service will be provided in the printer maintenance contracts to ensure all the equipment are maintained properly. Many businesses forget about the regular maintenance when it gets busy or is short staffed.

    Sometimes business owners don’t think about maintenance as important due to their busy and hectic schedule, but in reality, company will spend more money on their printer equipments, if printer maintenance is ignored on regular basis.

  11. Cost efficient.
  12. Cost saving is the moto of every business. In a printer maintenance contracts, you can save money in few different ways, such as:-

    • Using this contract allows your business to budget better as you have a fixed cost every month.
    • In a printer maintenance contract, everything is included in the fixed cost, excludes user damage.
    • Usually, toner supplies and parts are expensive to purchase without contracts, but all-inclusive cheaper through the contract and delivered to you within response time.
  13. Providing dependability.
  14. Your business has the best assurance when it comes to the service of printer maintenance contracts relied upon at any time. These agreements help business offices to think less about break down and damaged printers or when was the last time it was maintained. It gives assurance of safety, and one will feel relief that the printer’s equipment is in top condition and been taken care off.

    Buying printer maintenance contracts can cover the cost of the printer repair, service and parts, which usually cost extra by calling an outside printer technician. It is better to save your time and money by transitioning from self-maintenance to maintenance contract. The contracts provide you with services that are reliable and flexible for your business. By buying the contract you are ready to work without any obstruct in the office day to day.

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